Phase 1 - Capital & JEWELs ✔️
August 2021
Release of the Capital City map and Game Interface, which includes a functional Jeweler, Marketplace, and Gardens, as well as buildings for the future Hero Tavern, Summoning Portal, and Real Estate Office.
The first launch phase will revolve around the new JEWEL token and Decentralized Exchange, as well as opening the Jeweler and staking to earn JEWELs.
  • Decentralized Exchange (UniswapV2 Protocol)
  • JEWEL token launch
  • Staking LP Tokens in the Gardens to earn JEWEL tokens
  • Jeweler to invest JEWELs in
  • JEWEL tokens will be airdropped to the first 1000 people who join the Discord channel and verify their accounts
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