Training Quests

Stats relating to the trainer NPC at a glance (Credit: Albus)


Training quests are a different kind of activity that Heroes can perform. Like the profession quests, training quests do not require equipment. However, unlike the profession quests, they do have a chance of failure.
There are eight training quests available to heroes, each corresponding to one of the eight main stats of a Hero. These are arm wrestling (STR), darts (DEX), game of ball (AGI), dancing (END), helping the farms (VIT), alchemist assistance (INT), puzzle solving (WIS), and card game (LCK). Training quests are instantaneous quests, meaning that they require an upfront cost of stamina and result in receiving some reward after a short period of time.
Each Trainer specializes in a specific discipline (Stat). The Hero competes against the Trainer in their specific discipline. Once the Hero grows too strong in that specific stat they can surpass their Trainer and will be encouraged to seek a stronger trainer elsewhere (tier 2 training quest).
When a training attempt is successful, the Hero receives a flat amount of Gold and a roll for a Shvās rune, an lesser attunement crystal, and a Page of the Eternal Story. NOTE: Unsuccessful attempts do not receive any of these rolls.
Each Training Quest attempt consumes 5 stamina. You can perform up to 5 attempts per transaction and up to 6 Heroes per transaction. Each Hero must be able to perform the same number of attempts when grouped.

Reward Screen

Quest completion, rewards and performance screen
The quest completion screen will display any rewards earned (Shvās rune, lesser attunement crystals, a Page of the Eternal Story, Gold, and XP per Hero) and how many of your attempts you passed or failed, denoted by an X or a check mark.
The token rewards from Training Quests have a fixed chance to drop, but only if an attempt is successful. Below are the chances for each item to drop:
  • Shvas Runes - 1%
  • Lesser Attunement Crystals - 0.5%
  • Pages of the Eternal Story - 0.75%

Meet the Trainers

Orvin - Puzzle Solving

Stats Focus: WIS

Arnold - Alchemist Assistance

Stats Focus: INT

Farmer Quill - Helping the Farm

Stats Focus: VIT

Layla - Darts

Stats Focus: DEX

Lucky Moe - Card Game

Stats Focus: LCK

Ice Reaver Zaine - Arm Wrestling

Stats Focus: STR

Isabelle - Dancing

Stats Focus: END

Street Kid Carlin - Game of Ball

Stats Focus: AGI