The Tavern is the place to visit if you want to purchase or sell Heroes, rent your Hero for Summoning, send a Hero to a friend, or view the Hero Catalog.

Barkeep Kessing allows you to view an individual Hero by Hero # or to view the full Hero Catalog. Additionally, he hosts a Send Hero function that allows you to send a Hero directly to an 0x address, provided that address has a DeFi Kingdoms profile associated with it.

Agent Selina hosts the Buy Hero and Sell Hero functions, which allow players to place their Heroes up for sale and to purchase those Heroes that others have on offer. All sales are final, so it's imperative that you double check which Heroes you are placing up for sale and the price that you're comfortable accepting.

In addition, Agent Selina has a List Hero for Hire option, which allows players to rent out their Heroes to be used in Summoning. As an additional note, if you wish to rent a Hero to use in your own Summoning, you do so through the menu in the Portal.

All of these Hero menus include a variety of filters to make it easier to find the exact type of Hero that you're looking for.

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