Ice Gardens

Information about the Ice Gardens and CRYSTAL issuance.

As of December 30, 2023, all 250mm CRYSTAL has been fully emitted through the Gardens.

LP Staking

With the completion of CRYSTAL Emissions from the original Ice Gardens, a new system has been put in place to incentivize providing liquidity to the Decentralized Exchange in Crystalvale.

Players who stake Liquidity Pool tools in the Ice Gardens are rewarded a percentage of collected in-game fees. These rewards are distributed according to the allocation to each incentivized Garden and the player's staked percentage of that Garden's LP tokens.

Issuance Schedule (Completed)

The issuance of CRYSTAL is scheduled to change during each consecutive period of time, which we refer to as an Epoch. Each Epoch is exactly one week long and begins at 20:00 Eastern Time on the date listed in the table below. Emissions will continue until CRYSTAL has been fully emitted.


Claimed locked CRYSTAL will remain locked until March 22, 2023, which marks the end of Epoch 51. Locked rewards will begin unlocking ratably at that time over the following 52 Epochs.

The percentage of CRYSTAL that is unlocked begins at 5% in Epoch 1 and increases by 2% each Epoch. Unclaimed rewards continue to unlock on this schedule until claiming, at which time unlocked rewards go directly into the player's wallet and locked rewards become fully locked until the end of Epoch 51.

Transferring Locked CRYSTAL

The Locked CRYSTAL balance of a wallet can be transferred to another wallet once every 72 hours by visiting the Manager in the Jeweler zone. The recipient wallet will first need to Allow Transfer from the source wallet. Receiving Locked CRYSTAL in this way will also claim any unlockable CRYSTAL.

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