CRYSTAL Maximum Supply

The CRYSTAL token has a hard cap of 250,000,000 tokens.

As of December 30, 2023, all 250mm CRYSTAL has been fully emitted through the Gardens.

The CRYSTAL cap was raised from 125m as part of the project's updated tokenomics. The additional 125m CRYSTAL tokens were converted from Locked JEWEL into Locked CRYSTAL.


CRYSTAL has the following token allocations:

  • 3,000,000 CRYSTAL - Pre-mints as described below.

  • 125,000,000 CRYSTAL - Locked and airdropped to holders of Locked JEWEL on Harmony, and unlocking ratably over the course of one year, beginning around March 22, 2023.

  • ~101,666,667 CRYSTAL - Emitted from the Gardens to reward liquidity providers and locked/unlocked according to the Issuance Schedule.

  • 20,333,333 CRYSTAL - Emitted from the Gardens to fund the project and reward players. These emissions do not count against those described in Ice Gardens, and are subject to separate locking rates. These allocations are broken down as follows:

    • 3.355m unlocked CRYSTAL / 2.745m locked CRYSTAL - Development Fund Multisig

    • 3.355m unlocked CRYSTAL / 2.745m locked CRYSTAL - Marketing Fund Multisig

    • ~0.21m unlocked CRYSTAL / ~3.86m locked CRYSTAL - Founders Fund Multisig

    • ~2.24m unlocked CRYSTAL / 1.83m locked CRYSTAL - Jeweler (to reward xCRYSTAL/cJEWEL stakers)


A pre-mint of 3,000,000 CRYSTAL occurred prior to launch of Crystalvale. These tokens were used in part for initial liquidity with the remainder used to fund a variety of rewards for players.

DFK Chain Multisig Wallets

Our funds are secured in multisig wallets. These wallets are controlled by 5 members of the project, which may change from time to time. Any transaction requires 3 out of 5 signatures to execute. This helps to protect against hacks that would target the treasuries, ensuring that there is no single point of failure. Additionally, this protects against any one member of the team having the power to make any changes on their own, without the rest of the team being aware of and agreeing to it. It also gives 100% transparency, as anyone can view all of the transactions that are proposed before they are executed, as well as a history of every past transaction that was executed, including the executing wallets.

We know there has been concern with some other projects selling a large amount of tokens at launch that left some feeling frustrated in the project. We seek to help put these concerns at ease with these measures to help our community have confidence in the DeFi Kingdoms project.

You can see the addresses of these funds here:

The original CRYSTAL Quest Fund Multisig has been phased out and replaced with a new Quest Reward Fund smart contract.

Initial Liquidity LP tokens are held in the Marketing Fund Multisig.

Multisig Signer Addresses

  • Professor Tango: 0x03B5c81d9759eb3ca12b2201891e61EE4bDfBB7A

  • Bolon Soron: 0xa1ebf6eb5966332f8fee1f1eab4b5c91f92e727b

  • Sashei: 0x011ebdFD1Fe16F619F8470dc42D6875CB084984c

  • Pine Cone: 0x826c3c6946cAF394c8811814Bb54B56480E39aa9

  • Cabby: 0x18644254ADE30800bfbf9f4140C6a47Bf4465A2f

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