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Information about Gardening Quests
Gardening Quests can be performed by up to two Heroes at a time in each of the incentivized liquidity pools listed in the Seed Box in the Gardens. These quests award Power Tokens and JEWEL, as well as Plants and other rare items.
A friend of the gardens is a friend of mine. Please, let me show you our ways. Together, we can grow a beautiful field.
Gardening Quests are begun in the Professions area by speaking to the Gardener. Heroes may Garden in any of the available Gardens, but increased Token Rewards are only available from those in which the player has planted seeds, and the Token yield increases with the number of seeds planted by the player in that particular garden.
Any Hero can attempt Gardening Quests, but Heroes with the Gardening profession gene will use their Stamina more efficiently and have increased chances of item rewards. Successfully completing a Gardening Quest will grant each Hero a small amount of XP, and a chance toward increasing their Gardening skill, which, over time, will allow them to undertake more difficult quests. Heroes may also bring a Pet companion with them to receive additional bonuses.
These quests also have a chance to reward Heroes with Plants, Gaia's Tears, Runes, and Green Pet Eggs whether the player has seeds in the garden or not. All plants may be sold to the Vendor in the Marketplace for Gold or swapped at the Trader for other tokens or items. Some items are also used as reagents in Potions and Enhancement Stones, for hatching Pets, and for leveling Heroes.

Gardening Basics

Duration per Stamina

12 minutes (10 with the Gardening profession gene)

Stamina Required

1 Stamina minimum

Required Hero Range

1-2 Heroes per Garden

Minimum XP Reward

4 XP per Stamina spent + 8 XP per 5 Stamina spent

Skill 10 Gardening Quests

Heroes with existing Gardening skill can perform more difficult quests for a chance at increased rewards. Skill 10 Gardening Quests introduce the following differences from Skill 0 Quests:
  • Heroes must meet a minimum Gardening skill requirement of 10 to participate
  • The base Hero Experience Point (XP) gain per quest attempt is raised to: 9 XP per Stamina spent + 13 XP per 5 Stamina spent
  • For every 10 Stamina spent Gardening, Heroes receive an extra roll for finding Plants
  • The chance of Gardening Skill increases relative to the quest level is reduced by half
  • The base token reward amount is doubled

Pet Bonuses

Heroes that are bonded with a fed Pet that has the Gardening Gathering Profession Bonus will receive an additional bonus to their quest reward rolls. Possible Pet Gardening bonuses are drawn from the following:

Token Rewards

The first Hero sent to quest in each Garden will be rewarded in the realm's Power Token, while the second Hero will earn JEWEL. These rewards are funded by the Quest Reward Fund wallet (Crystalvale / Serendale) on each realm. Gardening yields rely heavily on the player's share of the Liquidity Pools that their Heroes will work in, the overall balance of the Quest Fund, and the stats of the questing Heroes. Consequently, there will be a large variance in yields between players and pools as well as a variance in yields over time as the Quest Fund grows or shrinks.


Gardening Token Rewards use the following formula, which applies to both Power Token and JEWEL rewards, when applicable.
earnRate (per stamina spent) =annealingFactor* (rewardPool*poolAllocation *LPowned* (0.1 + (WIS+VIT) / 1222.22 +GrdSkl/ 244.44)) / ((300 - (50 *geneBonus)) * rewardModBase)
Calculated from these variables:
  • annealingFactor - A multiplier applied at launch that gradually decreases over time, letting the Quest Fund continue to grow. annealingFactor begins at 50 and decreases every two weeks to a minimum of 1.
    • For the purposes of calculating daysSinceLaunch, Gardening Quests on both Crystalvale and Serendale launched on 9/15/2022.
if daysSinceLaunch < 168:
annealingFactor = (9100 - 49 * (daysSinceLaunch / 14) * 14) / 182
annealingFactor = (850 - 25 * ((daysSinceLaunch / 14) - 11)) / 100
  • rewardPool - The relevant token balance in the Quest Reward Fund (Crystalvale / Serendale).
  • poolAllocation - The percent of token emissions allocated to the specific garden (in decimals, e.g. 0.1 for 10%).
  • LPowned - The percent of the Liquidity Pool that the player owns in the selected Garden (in decimals, e.g. 0.0015 for 0.15%).
  • WIS / VIT - The value of the Hero's Wisdom and Vitality stats, respectively.
  • GrdSkl - The Hero's Gardening skill, rounded down (e.g. use 15 for 15.9 Gardening).
  • geneBonus - If a Hero has the Gardening profession gene, it provides a 20% bonus to Token returns, increases the chances of finding Gaia's Tears and Runes, and decreases the amount of time spent Gardening per stamina from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. If the Hero has this gene, geneBonus= 1, if not, geneBonus= 0.
  • rewardModBase - The modifier used to determine the final token award:
    • For Skill 0 Quests: 144
    • For Skill 10 Quests: 72

Minimum Reward

The minimum Token Reward earned per Stamina spent is .0002. If earnRate is below this threshold, it will be raised to .0002.
Minimum rewards are only active when there is at least 420,000 of the appropriate token available in the Quest Reward Fund.

Gardening Jackpots

For every 15 Stamina spent during the quest, the player will receive a bonus roll with a 9.9% chance to receive .1 bonus Token and a .1% chance to receive an additional 1 bonus Token. This bonus is halved if the Hero does not have the Gardening profession gene. Players cannot receive both bonuses at once.
Jackpot rewards are only active when there is at least 950,000 of the appropriate token available in the Quest Reward Fund.

Item Rewards

The item drop rates below are increased by varying combinations of the Hero's Wisdom and Vitality stats, its Gardening skill, and the presence of the Gardening profession gene.
Base Drop Rate
XP Awarded
Stamina Usage
10 XP
per 5 Stamina
10 XP
per 5 Stamina
10 XP
per 5 Stamina
Gaia's Tear
7.5% / 11.25% *
10 XP
per 5 Stamina
Shvās Rune
0.3% / 1.5% *
30 XP
per 5 Stamina
Moksha Rune
0.009% / 0.045% *
100 XP
per 5 Stamina
Green Pet Egg
Green Pet Egg
100 XP
per 10 Stamina
* The higher percentage applies to Heroes with the Gardening profession gene.
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