What are Power-Ups?

Power-Ups are a collection of in-game enhancements that are available to players that hold governance tokens. Each Power-Up has a specific c/sJEWEL amount that must be allocated to it in order to activate its benefits. Some premium features will also require Power-Up allocations prior to access. Power-Ups do not consume c/sJEWEL nor the JEWEL used to produce the c/sJEWEL, but will only remain active if you continue to hold the necessary balance required to activate them.

Power-Up Types

There are currently three primary Power-Up types:

  • Type 1 Power-Ups: These Power-Ups are the simplest type, as they provide a single tier of benefits that is activated by allocating the required amount of c/sJEWEL. Cancelling this power-up will remove its benefits until it is re-activated, after waiting the necessary hold time.

  • Type 2 Power-Ups: These Power-Ups present the player with multiple tier options with varying c/sJEWEL allocation requirements for each tier. Once a tier is selected, the player can increase to a higher tier at any time but not decrease tiers without cancelling the Power-Up first.

  • Type 3 Power-Ups: These Power-Ups provide a variable number of charges based on the number of Heroes a player owns. Each charge contains multiple Hero slots. There is a fixed c/sJEWEL allocation required for every charge of these Power-Ups. Once activated, the player will assign their Heroes up to the maximum charges and total allotted Hero slots. The player may remove Heroes from the Power-Up, but will have to wait until after the specified slot hold time before assigning another. All Heroes must be unassigned from the Power-Up before it can be cancelled. Additional charges can be added but not removed without first cancelling the Power-Up.

Power-Up Requirements

Each Power-Up has a Minimum Lock Time associated with it. In order to activate a Power-Up, players must have a c/sJEWEL lock time higher than the minimum lock time specified by each Power-Up, as well as ensure that it remains above that minimum time. If the player's c/sJEWEL lock time drops below the minimum lock time of a Power-Up, the Power-Up will be cancelled.

Players must also maintain an amount of c/sJEWEL equal to the amount they have allocated to Power-Ups. Calling the Emergency Withdraw function will cancel all Power-Ups.

Cancelling Power-Ups

When a Power-Up is cancelled, the c/sJEWEL allocated to it will not be immediately available for use elsewhere. Instead, each Power-Up has a Cancellation Hold Time that indicates how long after cancelling the Power-Up the c/sJEWEL will be available again for use elsewhere.

A Hero Slot Hold Time of the same duration as the Cancellation Hold Time also goes into effect when removing Heroes from a Type 3 Power-Up. Players must wait this amount of time before re-assigning those slots to other Heroes.

Available Power-Ups

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