Adelyn's Reawakening

All about Gen0 Gene Rerolling

Adelyn’s Reawakening is a limited time event that allows owners of Gen0 Heroes to “reroll” some of their Heroes’ genes. This is being done to ensure that the new basic genes introduced with Serendale relaunch have a similar rarity and distribution among the Gen0 population compared to the existing 10 sets of basic genes.

Original & Crystalvale Gen0 holders will be given an opportunity to reroll some of their genes, with the newest genes being possible options. Players will have one month to take advantage of this opportunity in Crystalvale, and will be eligible to receive a series of rewards by participating.

Rewards are provided during the reroll process, and will no longer be available when the event ends.

Timing and Location

Event begins: December 7, 2022 at 4pm EST

Event ends: January 7, 2023 at 11:59pm EST

Adelyn's Reawakening will take place in Crystalvale only. Visit Arch Druid Zagreb at the Portal to get started.

Gene Rerolling

While Adelyn's Reawakening is live, players will have the option to select a Gen0 Hero to reroll. The following gene reroll choices are available:

  1. Reroll Game Genes

  2. Reroll Appearance Genes

  3. Reroll Game and Appearance Genes

Only one of these actions may be selected per Gen0 Hero. The following genes will be rerolled based on the selection made:

Game Genes

  • Main class recessive genes

  • Subclass dominant and recessive genes

Appearance Genes

  • Hair style dominant and recessive genes

  • Hair color dominant and recessive genes

  • Head appendage dominant and recessive genes

  • Head appendage color dominant and recessive genes

  • Back appendage dominant and recessive genes

  • Back appendage color dominant and recessive genes


Each of the three reroll options provide a number of rewards, with the greatest rewards coming from rerolling both Game and Appearance genes. Rewards include experience bonuses, stat bonuses, bonus items, an effective summon reset, and achievement rewards. The rewards as they relate to the three options available are detailed in the table below:

Rerolling your Gen0 Hero’s genes will help balance the gene pool and kickstart the appearance of new genes across all DeFi Kingdoms realms.

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