Thief Class Combat Skills

This page details information about the Thief class combat skills that will be used in Player-vs-Player (PVP) and Player-vs-Environment (PVE) combat environments.

All information on this page is considered "Pre-Alpha" and preliminary, and is therefore subject to change.

Last Update: 3/13/2023

Class Description

Thieves are often seen as cunning and mischievous, preferring to work in the shadows rather than on the front lines, but that's really just what they want you to think. They may be skilled pickpockets, infiltrators, or even assassins, but above all, they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Some Thieves use their skills for personal gain, while others use their talents to aid their allies or take down the corrupt. Whatever their motivation, Thieves are not to be trusted, unless they trust you.

The Thief is a class that excels in sneaky and underhanded tactics, with a range of skills that allow them to deal damage, sabotage enemies, and even steal from them. The class is divided into three main discipline paths: Sneak, Savvy, and Thug.

The Sneak discipline focuses on the Thief's inherent agile nature and quickness to deal damage and evade attacks. Whether it's a twisted dagger skillfully placed just so in the side of an enemy, or a thrifty opportunity capitalized upon, a Thief always looks for ways to cause a little bit of mischief. That mischief often comes at the expense of an already beaten-down opponent. A Thief that has mastered the art of staying hidden in plain sight really knows how to take advantage of a fool on the back foot, never scared to cause a little bleed.

One could be forgiven for thinking that a Thief is all sneakiness and shadows, but there is so much more to the resourceful mind of these lovable rogues. At its core, the Savvy discipline focuses on the Thief's ability to use the environment around them to turn the tables in their favor. Traps, poisons, smoke bombs, and tripwires, these are the tools a clever Thief knows can be the difference between escape, capture, and even death. Oh, and pocket sand. Never leave home without some of that.

The Thug, on the other hand, forgoes any overture of deception or intrigue by simply finding the opportune moment to send a very clear message: don't mess with me and my team. Sabotage, brute force, and intimidation are the not-so-subtle methods of choice for damage dealing and convincing an enemy to think twice before acting. But a Thug isn't born, a Thug is made. From pocket picking to straight-up extortion, the Thug understands how to manipulate a situation to take control of the outcome, and how to keep a target quiet.

One way or another, the Thief will have their way. Either you knowingly bend to their agenda, or they simply take from you what they deem to really belong to them. So, whether you're looking for a sneaky backstabber, a resourceful mastermind, or a tough guy who gets things done, the Thief has got you covered. Just be sure to keep an eye on your pockets and watch your back, because with a Thief around, you never know what might go missing.

Class Skills


  • *DoD: Degree of Difficulty

  • 10+ point skills cost 10 minus the cost of the basic version of the skill

  • 15 point skills are only available to Heroes with a matching Class/Subclass

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