Legionnaire Class Combat Skills

This page details information about the Legionnaire class combat skills that will be used in Player-vs-Player (PVP) and Player-vs-Environment (PVE) combat environments.

All information on this page is considered "Pre-Alpha" and preliminary, and is therefore subject to change.

Last Update: 4/10/2023

Class Description

When all seems lost and darkness stretches across the field of battle, the Legionnaire emerges as a pillar of unwavering might and steadfastness. As a martial exemplar, the Legionnaire embodies the cardinal virtues of valor, self-sacrifice, and unswerving fealty. Their imposing presence upon the battlefield serves as a harbinger of security and conviction, infusing their brethren with courage and striking terror into the hearts of their adversaries.

As long as the Legionnaire stands tall, the flame of victory shall never be extinguished.

The Legionnaire is a frontline warrior that excels in both offensive and defensive engagements. They are the vanguard of the fellowship, bearing the brunt of enemy onslaughts and shielding their comrades with their robust aegis and matchless fortitude. Through their stable of skills and abilities, the Legionnaire adapts to the ever-shifting maelstrom of battle, whether it requires delivering crippling blows to their foes, dictating the tide of combat, or rallying their allies to seize victory against insurmountable odds.

The Legionnaire’s skill codex stands as a testament to their adaptability and resourcefulness, melding the arts of spear and shield warfare with the capacity to lead and elevate others to new heights. The Legionnaire’s influence is felt with each resolute stride, whether they choose to Live by the Shield, Die by the Spear, or embrace the mantle of the Born Leader.

The stalwart protectors who Live by the Shield stand as bastions of defense and unyielding resolve. These unyielding anchors deftly wield their trusted shields to defend their allies and themselves from perils both mundane and arcane. Live by the Shield concentrates on the Legionnaire’s defensive aptitude, enhancing their ability to deflect, parry, and withstand the relentless assaults of their enemies. The path of the Shielded Hero proffers heightened protection for both the Legionnaire and their brethren, rendering them nigh impervious to harm. As they refine their prowess, they evolve into towering citadels, poised to shift the balance of battle and endure the fiercest of onslaughts.

Within the venerable and mystical discipline of the spear, those who Die by the Spear unearth their true purpose. Die by the Spear accentuates the Legionnaire’s offensive capabilities, sharpening their mastery of the spear to deliver ruinous blows upon their adversaries. These ferocious combatants brandish the spear with elegance and precision, felling their enemies with the fluidity of a coursing river and the fury of a tempest unleashed. As the Legionnaire’s skills with the spear evolve, the spear itself transmutes into an extension of their very essence, a conduit for their indomitable spirit. These adept warriors invoke both intimidation and reverence for their ability to penetrate enemy lines and scatter the ranks of their foes. With each attainment of spear mastery, they unlock devastating techniques, empowering them to strike from afar, unleash maelstroms of devastation, and cleave multiple adversaries asunder with a singular, well-aimed thrust.

Upon these blood-drenched fields of battle, a true leader’s value is beyond measure. The Born Leader discipline path molds its disciples into rousing figures, capable of marshaling their comrades and commanding their forces with sagacity, audacity, and unwavering resolve. These individuals possess an innate gift for stratagem, discerning the strengths and vulnerabilities of their allies and enemies alike. As their mastery of this discipline flourishes, so too does their ability to embolden and fortify their comrades. Their mere presence emerges as a beacon of hope amidst the heat of battle, raising the spirits of their allies and instilling terror in the hearts of their enemies. Born Leaders harness the might of their charisma and conviction to bolster the defenses of their brethren and even alter the course of battle through sheer force of will. Ultimately, Born Leaders ascend to the heights of virtue, rallying their forces from the precipice of defeat and guiding them to resplendent victory. Through their unyielding devotion to their comrades and their cause, these individuals truly embody the essence of leadership, proving that even in the darkest of times, hope shall never falter.

In the hands of the Legionnaire, the spear and shield become instruments of unrivaled skill and precision. The spear empowers them to strike from a distance, piercing through the defenses of their adversaries with lethal accuracy. The shield, meanwhile, serves not only as a bulwark against incoming assaults but also as a formidable weapon in its own right. The Legionnaire’s consummate mastery of these weapons is manifested through their unique abilities, blending offensive and defensive techniques to forge a versatile and fearsome fighting style.

Class Skills


  • *DoD: Degree of Difficulty

  • 10+ point skills cost 10 minus the cost of the basic version of the skill and require having the basic version

  • 15 point skills are only available to Heroes with a matching Class/Subclass

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