The Marketplace is the center of commerce in DeFi Kingdoms. Trader Matoya is the face of our DEX, where players can trade tokens on the Harmony blockchain. Almost all new players will visit Matoya to exchange other tokens for JEWEL, and players will often trade tokens to make seeds or to facilitate a multitude of investment strategies.

Speaking of seeds, Druid Lazarus is found in the Marketplace as well. He assists with making seeds (LP tokens) that represent a share in a liquidity pool. These seeds can then be planted in the Gardens to start earning rewards from incentivized liquidity pools. A list of incentivized pools, their reward allocation, and their balances is found in the Gardens at the Seed Box, so players will often move back and forth between the Gardens and Marketplace as they decide which specific gardens to invest in, trade tokens, buy seeds, and deposit them in the seed box. Additionally, the Marketplace hosts Trader Zada, who is always willing to purchase many of the items earned through Professions Quests, which he pays for in gold. He also sells items for gold, including the Golden Egg, one of several types of eggs that will be able to hatch pet NFTs. The items that Zada pays gold for can also be swapped with Trader Matoya, so make sure that you choose the option that best fits your goals!

There are also two other NPCs in the Marketplace. Crier Milo will show the most recent version of the weekly DeFi Kingdoms newsletter, and Stylist Sandra allows players to change their profile picture to a standard picture, a portrait of a Hero that they own, or a Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT.

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