Defi Kingdoms
The Heroes
Though gardening and growing JEWEL tokens is amazingly adorable by itself, we wanted to add a bit of sword and sorcery to this fantasy kingdom, and what better way to do that than introducing one-of-a-kind pixel heroes in our marketplace?
We’re going one step further than your standard NFTs as our Hero NFTs will be playable characters that you can level up and earn JEWELs with! These NFTs aren’t meant to just sit on a shelf and look pretty, they’re one of the key features in the game. As they are assigned to go on quests, battle in PVP, or dressed up in gear to maximize their stats, they’ll be leveling up and earning you tokens through the whole adventure.
Summoning and Trading
Heroes are summoned through a portal of dimensions, and each new hero is completely unique. There’s virtually endless combinations of parts that make up each unique NFT hero, so no two will ever be the same—in stats or in appearance.
You’ll not only be able to trade rare heroes on the marketplace, but you can summon new ones by combining genes from your current heroes! With summoning, you’ll never know exactly what type of hero is going to come out of the portal next—you could end up with an extremely rare, and valuable, trade-able NFT.
There will also be a Tavern where players can buy and sell their heroes. This allows players to level up their heroes and then sell them for a higher price than they were before, a play-to-earn model.
Hero Genes
Heroes have two sets of genes, one for appearance and another for their playable attributes, such as Job class, subclass, passive and active abilities, and more. During summoning, the newly summoned hero will randomly acquire genes from both source heroes used in the summoning. There is also a chance of mutations in genes, resulting in new, rare abilities and job classes!
Heroes will be able to find and equip valuable equipment NFTs that will grant them special passive and active abilities, and increase their stats.
Heroes will have various stats that determine how effective they can be performing different quests. These stats can be increased as heroes gain XP and level up.
Heroes are able to go on various quests within the kingdom. Gardening guard duty allows them to help protect the gardens from attack, increasing the number of JEWELs their owner is able to get from staking. JEWEL mining allows them to mine for those locked JEWELs deep underground, unlocking them early. Dungeon raiding gives them the opportunity to discover rare treasures by defeating enemies.
Heroes can sometimes find and capture rare pets that will accompany them on their adventures. These pets can grant stat bonuses, passive abilities, and more.
Heroes will be able to participate in periodic tournaments in parties of 3, to compete against other players for JEWEL prizes. Maximize your stats and take your rightful place as the world champion!
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