JEWEL Hard Cap

The JEWEL token has a hard cap of 500,000,000 tokens.


10,000,000 JEWEL tokens have been pre-minted and distributed as follows:
  • 5,000,000 JEWEL: Allocated to the Development Fund Multisig Safe to fund the future development of the game. These tokens will be time-locked and released over a set schedule as features are completed.
  • 2,000,000 JEWEL: Allocated to the Marketing Fund Multisig Safe for promotion of the project, including marketing, airdrops, etc. These tokens are also time-locked to release slowly over the next few years to ensure that there are always funds available to market the game and acquire new players and traders.
  • 2,000,000 JEWEL: Allocated for initial liquidity. These tokens were matched with ONE tokens to form the initial liquidity pool and will not be withdrawn or sold.
  • 1,000,000 JEWEL: Allocated to the Founders Fund Multisig Safe for bounties and hours for the founding team based on their work towards launch. Half of these tokens were awarded at launch, and the other half will vest over time.

Multi-sig Wallet Treasury

Our funds are secured in multi-sig wallets at These wallets will be controlled by 4 members of the core team, which may change from time to time. Any transaction will require 3 out of 4 signatures to execute. This helps to protect against hacks that would target the treasuries, ensuring that there is no single point of failure. Additionally, this protects against any one member of the team having the power to make any changes on their own, without the rest of the team being aware of and agreeing to it. It also gives 100% transparency, as anyone can view all of the transactions that are proposed before they are executed, as well as a history of every past transaction that was executed, including the executing wallets.
We know there has been concern with some other projects selling a large amount of tokens at launch that left some feeling frustrated in the project. We seek to help put these concerns at ease with these measures to help our community have confidence in the DeFi Kingdoms project.
You can see the addresses of these funds here:
JEWEL Development Fund Multisig Safe: 0xa4b9A93013A5590dB92062CF58D4b0ab4F35dBfB JEWEL Marketing Fund Multisig Safe: 0x3875e5398766a29c1B28cC2068A0396cba36eF99 JEWEL Founders Fund Multisig Safe: 0x79F0d0670D17a89f509Ad1c16BB6021187964A29 JEWEL Quest Fund Smart Contract: 0x5ca5bcd91929c7152ca577e8c001c9b5a185f568 JEWEL Pay Portal Vesting Contract: 0x2b12d9a2480d6dd9f71dabaa366c87134195b679 Initial Liquidity Fund: The LP tokens from the initial liquidity are now held in the Marketing Fund Multisig Safe. Multisig Signer Addresses: Bolon Soron: 0x2f26B3426504c28C29b6eDecae399D54717526CF Castorp Multisig: 0x2B39520E375833558837f44654eaAae5B495A717 Sashei: 0x42C1B36BB243bFE02326473EC02a3488b55183E5 Professor Tango Multisig: 0x03B5c81d9759eb3ca12b2201891e61EE4bDfBB7A
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