Status Effects & Mechanics Glossary

The following Status Effect and Mechanics keywords may be encountered during Void Hunts.

Status Effect Keywords


Amnesia X

Skills with Amnesia cannot be used again for X turns.

Cannot be cleansed.


Barriers provide a shield against damage and status effects. Barriers have their own hit points (HP) and will block all negative status effects until their HP is brought to 0 and broken.


Combatant gains 20% Haste and +20% ATTACK.

Combatant loses 25% P.DEF and M.DEF.

Combatant cannot be controlled and will perform Basic Attack on its turn.

80% chance to target a random enemy.

20% chance to target a random ally.

Does not stack and duration refreshes on application (if greater than current).

Cannot be cleansed or dispelled.


Targets inflicted with Bleed damage equal to 2% of their max HP. Bleed lasts for three turns. If inflicted while already bleeding, the duration is reset to three turns and the intensity stacks. The maximum stack size is 5, however, the duration can continue to be reset to 3 turns upon successful application.

Can be cleansed.


Hero's accuracy is reduced by 25%. This status effect persists until removed.


A confused combatant has a 50% chance to perform a basic attack targeting a random combatant (including self) instead of performing their intended action. When inflicted, the duration is randomly determined between 1 to 3 turns.

Cannot Channel while Confused.

Gain Resistance: Gain 50% Confuse resistance for 4 turns. Interrupts. Stack Limit: 1


Sets the targets turn back by 500 initiative (half of the time it takes to be able to take a turn).

Interrupts Channeling.

Cannot be cleansed.


Exhausted Heroes have 50% slow for one turn, and cannot use any skills their next turn. Can still reposition, basic attack, or use potions.

Interrupts Channeling.

Cannot be cleansed.


If a target is Feared, target is Pushed 1.

Target cannot perform any non-basic ability which deals Physical damage.

Gain Resistance: Gain 50% Fear resistance for 2 Turns. This resistance becomes 100% for 3 Turns if Feared again while this resistance is in effect.



Increases target's Speed. 50% Haste would result in the Hero's Speed increasing by 50%.


Reduces attack power of target by X% until effect wears off or is cleansed.


Physical damage that accelerates over time.

Deal damage equal to 2% of Target’s max HP every 10 ticks.

Each time the damage triggers without the poison being cured, the next poison damage dealt increases by an additional 2% of max HP damage, up to a maximum of 20% HP damage per trigger.


Prevents the use of any magical skill until the effect wears off or is cleansed.

Interrupts Channeling.


Reduces current Speed by X%.

Stacks of slow add together. Maximum combined Slow on a single Hero is 70%.

Gain Resistance: Until Slowed Hero is no longer Slowed, gain 50% resistance to Slow. This resistance stacks.


A stunned target will skip taking any actions on its next turn.

Interrupts Channeling.

Can be cleansed.


When a player uses a "Taunt" skill, the target enemy is forced to attack the Taunting Hero for a Duration of X.

The Taunted enemy MUST attack the Taunter for the Duration and can perform only actions that target the Taunter.

If a Taunted enemy is channeling while Taunted and the Taunter is not a target of the channeled skill:

  • If the Taunter CAN be a target of the skill, the target is changed to the Taunter.

  • If the Taunter CANNOT be a target of the skill, the channel is interrupted.

When Taunted, gain resistance: Gain +50% resistance to Taunt for a Duration of 4 turns. This resistance stacks but does not share Duration. When Taunted, gain +10% increase to damage dealt until Taunt is removed.

Taunt CANNOT be Cleansed and Purified.

Taunt has a 50% chance to be removed each time the taunted target suffers HP damage (not barrier) from any source other than the Taunter or DoT effects.


An unstoppable target cannot be pushed, pulled, or inflicted with any negative status effects.

Mechanics Keywords



Any attack can be blocked or spell blocked. Blocking will reduce the damage of the incoming attack by 50% or more depending on equipment and skill bonuses. The chance of being inflicted by a status effect from a blocked attack is reduced by the blocker’s damage reduction percentage for the block.


When a target is channeling, they are put in a vulnerable state where the channel can be interrupted by various mechanics. The channel will end one or more turns later (depending on the skill) and the skill will be executed in lieu of another action being taken.


Cleanse will cure a random negative status effect on the target.


Attacks with Cleave hit both the target and the position immediately behind the target.


Some skills have combo conditions that, when met, will enhance the effects of a skill. Skills that have an available combo effect are highlighted in the UI.


An action that is taken on the current turn, but resolves at a defined point in the future. For example, a skill with Delay 30 would resolve in 30 Ticks.

The Delay effect is shown in the Time Bar.

Pierce (X%)

Attacks with Pierce ignore X% of the target’s physical or magical defense.


Pull will move the target forward one or two positions (as indicated in the skill), and move what was in the new position into the target’s old position. Being pulled will interrupt Channeling.


Purify cleanses all negative status effects (that can be cleansed) from target.


Push will move the target back one or two positions (as indicated in the skill), and move what was in the new position into the target’s old position. Being pushed will interrupt Channeling.


At the start of each turn, a Hero or enemy has a small chance to self-cleanse a random status effect. The chances of this happening are tied to the vitality of the target.


For each instance this Hero receives damage, this Hero has a chance to Retaliate.

If this Hero Retaliates, this Hero performs a basic attack targeting the attacker with damage equal to Retaliate X.

Retaliate X = X*(0.5*ATTACK)

Instances of Retaliate are checked sequentially.

The range of a retaliatory basic attack is based on the currently equipped weapon.

For each Position outside of the weapon’s base range, add an additional Degree of Difficulty (DoD) of 20.

For instance, if the weapon's base range is 1 and the target of Retaliate is in P3, an additional DoD of 40 would be added to the attack.


If target has X% Riposte, when physical damage is received, deal X% of the damage received to the attacker.

This damage cannot be Dodged or Blocked.

This damage is subject to Defense mitigation.

Stack Limit

In general, status effects may be stacked to increase their effect. However, some status effects have a stack limit. If the stack limit is reached and a new instance of the status effect is applied, the oldest effect will be removed and replaced with the new instance.

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