Power Tokens


When DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale launched on Harmony, the JEWEL token launched alongside it. Unlike the average crypto token, JEWEL acts as the main token of value in a metaverse game, giving it utility above and beyond that of a regular coin. JEWEL can be used to purchase Hero NFTs, which can themselves be used to earn JEWEL and other rewards. JEWEL can also be combined with existing Heroes and other items to mint new Heroes, and be swapped through the DEX for other tokens and in-game items. This is all in addition to fee distribution opportunities, liquidity pooling, and governance rights.


With the expansion of DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale onto the DFK Chain we created a new power token, CRYSTAL. CRYSTAL fills the same roles that JEWEL does in Serendale, but within Crystalvale. It can be spent to purchase and mint Hero NFTs, swapped on the in-game DEX, staked for fee distribution, pooled for liquidity, and applied to applicable governance votes. he total supply of CRYSTAL is one-fourth that of JEWEL.

Transactions & Fee Distribution

Unless otherwise specified throughout these documents, the Power Token fees from every in-game transaction, as applicable, are apportioned to the respective wallets for each realm as follows:
These percentages were last adjusted on 11/4/2022, increasing the amounts allocated to token burn and fee distribution.
  • 5% - Burned
  • 15% - Jeweler Rewards (cJEWEL / sJEWEL)
  • 30% - Quest Rewards Fund
  • 50% - Development Fund
JEWEL and CRYSTAL are the lifeblood of our project and have features that provide players the opportunity to earn while playing rather than buying games and subscriptions with no potential to recoup costs spent. In DeFi Kingdoms, good gameplay decisions and a little luck have the potential to reward players with actual crypto tokens while they play a game they enjoy.


Since both JEWEL and CRYSTAL share much of the same utility (for example, they can both be used to mint new NFTs), the value of the tokens is linked. This provides exciting arbitrage opportunities across blockchains and ensures that cross-chain expansion does not lead to a loss of value for older tokens. Future expansions are expected to follow the same strategy.
Additionally, JEWEL is used for gas fees on the DFK Chain, where the gameplay transactions for Crystalvale take place.
Specific information about each token can be found on the JEWEL Token and CRYSTAL Token pages and issuance schedules for each can be found on the JEWEL Gardens and Ice Gardens pages.
Additionally, each token may be staked at the Jeweler for governance tokens, and used to cast votes on major decisions when such votes are called. More information on governance votes can be found on the Jeweler page.