Defi Kingdoms
In DeFi Kingdom’s world map, there will be a limited supply of plots of land available for purchase. You’ll not only be able to claim a plot of land for yourself, but you’ll also be able to build your kingdom up, investing in upgrades that will provide you with an upkeep of resources! Your land will house your developing kingdom and will be distinctly visible to everyone from the world map.
Buying and Selling
Location, location, location! Not all land plots are created equal. Some will provide more of one resource than another, based on the nearby forests, stone, and other resources. Some will be closer to the capital, requiring less stamina to participate in certain quests. Others will be closer to various dungeons and quests, requiring less travel time to complete those.
If you wish to sell your kingdom NFT someday as property values go up, you can do so. Kingdoms can be bought and sold in the real estate office at the capital, including all of the improvements made in the kingdom, and all of the buildings built there.
Buildings can be built within your kingdom and upgraded to increase their bonuses. Resource buildings can be built next to resource nodes to allow your kingdom to begin accumulating the resources you need to build more buildings and craft rare equipment for heroes.
Other buildings can provide passive bonuses to your heroes, improving their quest efficiency and stats. Still others can allow you to gain higher multipliers on your staking rewards in the gardens. Buildings are a fun and exciting way to increase your effectiveness in the game.
Owning land also gives you the ability to forage for resources every day, with the opportunity to find rare and valuable materials or even equipment for your heroes.
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