Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions that we receive in Discord and our other social media channels.


What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a game, a decentralized exchange (DEX), a liquidity pool (LP) opportunity, and a market of rare utility-driven NFTs, that all plays out seamlessly in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.
DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale launched on August 22, 2021 on the Harmony network as a DEX with LP farming opportunities, and additional features are constantly being added.
DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale launched on March 30, 2022. This is the first expansion to DeFi Kingdoms and lives on the new DFK Chain.

What blockchain is DeFi Kingdoms using?

DeFi Kingdoms is using the Harmony Protocol blockchain with its native coin ONE. ONE can be purchased on most major exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin,, and others.
DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain launches on March 30, 2022 and will host the first expansion to the game, called DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale. In-game bridging will be available between chains.
For information on how to setup your MetaMask wallet, please refer to our tutorial here or Harmony's documentation here.

What is DeFi and what is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, is an ecosystem of financial applications built on top of blockchain networks that aims to provide financial services without a centralized authority.
A decentralized exchange, or DEX, allows users to exchange funds through smart contracts without relinquishing custody over them until the exchange is finalized. Liquidity is provided to DEXes by individuals who supply a token pair (e.g. ONE and JEWEL) to a liquidity pool, which is then used by the DEX to facilitate trades on that pair.
Users who provide liquidity in this way receive Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens, which can often be staked to earn additional rewards, such as in DFK's Gardens.
You can read more about decentralized finance and decentralized exchanges at Binance Academy.

What does it cost to get started and play?

The game itself is free, however there is a transaction cost (gas) every time you interact with the blockchain such as when you make a profile entering the game. Thanks to Harmony's very low fees, these are a fraction of a cent.
Once you're in the game, you can spend as much or as little as you'd like by adding to the liquidity pools in the Marketplace and staking LP Tokens in the Gardens or JEWEL at the Jeweler.
You can also spend JEWEL to purchase Hero NFTs in the Tavern. They can be used to collect resources through their Professions, and can be paired with other Heroes to Summon new Heroes from the Inner Grove.


How do I purchase JEWEL?

After logging into you can purchase JEWEL at the Marketplace from the Trader, Merchant Matoya, with your ONE or with most of Harmony's other tokens.
The contract address for JEWEL is: 0x72Cb10C6bfA5624dD07Ef608027E366bd690048F

How do I purchase CRYSTAL?

CRYSTAL can be purchased in-game in Crystalvale at the Marketplace.

Where can I find the current price / market cap of JEWEL or CRYSTAL?

You can see the current price and market cap of JEWEL and CRYSTAL in the game by clicking on your profile picture.

What do I do with my JEWEL tokens?

JEWEL is the lifeblood of the DFK economy, and most in-game actions involve either receiving or spending JEWEL, whether buying/selling heroes, earning through quests, providing liquidity to the DEX and staking in the Gardens, or depositing in the Jeweler vault.
You can also read more about the JEWEL token and its tokenomics.


What is the difference between the Jeweler and the Gardens?

The Jeweler is a single-staking pool for JEWEL or CRYSTAL. When you stake your JEWEL or CRYSTAL with the Jeweler, you receive a proportional amount of xJEWEL or xCRYSTAL. Since the ratio between them only goes up, when you withdraw from the Jeweler, you will always receive more JEWEL or CRYSTAL than you put in!
The Gardens allow you to stake Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens that you receive from providing liquidity to the DEX. You will receive a return in JEWEL or CRYSTAL in exchange for staking these tokens.
While the Gardens provide higher returns than the Jeweler, this comes with greater risk, including impermanent loss (IL) if the value of the tokens in the pair changes relative to one another. You can learn more about impermanent loss from Binance Academy or by watching this video.

What is the difference between JEWEL/CRYSTAL and xJEWEL/xCRYSTAL?

JEWEL and CRYSTAL are DFK's primary tokens, used for many in-game transactions. When you deposit them with the Jeweler, you receive the "x" version, which is DFK's governance token. This means that xJEWEL and xCRYSTAL holders, along with Hero owners, can participate in votes on project policy, when they are called. Holding xJEWEL or xCRYSTAL is sometimes a qualifier for community airdrops and other rewards.

What is the APR / interest rate in the Jeweler?

Because earnings at the Jeweler are derived from transaction fees that take place within the game, there is no set APR or interest rate. During periods of significant in-game activity, the JEWEL to xJEWEL ratio or CRYSTAL to xCRYSTAL ratio may rise quite a bit, while being limited at other times.

Why are some of my rewards locked?

In order to ensure the stability of JEWEL and CRYSTAL for the long term, a portion of the rewards earned in the Gardens are temporarily locked and cannot be used in any way. These locked tokens will slowly become unlocked beginning in Epoch 51 on their respective chains. The unlocking process can also be accelerated through Mining quests. Learn more about DFK's tokenomics.

How long is an Epoch?

An epoch in Serendale is 302,400 blocks on the Harmony blockchain, and the length of each epoch depends on the average block speed on Harmony. Epochs were calculated to 302,400 blocks so that each epoch would equal one week assuming a speed of 2 seconds per block.
Epochs in Crystalvale are exactly one week long and are governed by timestamps.

Why did my rewards in the Gardens get claimed?

Unclaimed rewards from the Gardens are automatically claimed whenever you deposit or withdraw LP Tokens into the Gardens.

When does the fee schedule for the Gardens begin/reset?

The withdrawal fee schedule for the Gardens begins when you first stake your LP Tokens into a specific garden, and is separate for every garden. The fees reset whenever you withdraw LP Tokens from a garden.


What do Heroes do? Do I need a Hero?

Heroes are central to gameplay in DeFi Kingdoms. They can summon new heroes, be sent on quests, engage in professions, and eventually fight each other in PVP. While you can still use the DEX, Gardens, and Jeweler without a hero, we think everyone will enjoy the opportunities that heroes bring!

Where do I get a Hero?

Heroes are available for purchase from other players in the Tavern, and can also be rented at the Portal to assist in the Summoning process!

What is the difference between Gen0 Heroes and later generations?

Gen0 heroes are the originators of all other heroes in the game, and as such, are limited in number and highly collectible. Because they are responsible for seeding genes to all other Heroes, Gen0 heroes do not have a limit on the number of times that they can summon.

Will there be another Gen0 Hero sale?

The Gen0 hero sale took place on September 30 and all 2000 heroes sold out in 11 minutes! As these heroes are limited and collectible, there will not be another Gen0 hero sale like this one.
However, since Gen0 heroes are the only way to seed new genes into the hero pool, as DFK expands to new realms and blockchains, we may eventually sell additional Gen0 heroes in the future to introduce new classes or other hero features into the game. This will be done carefully as to not dilute the value of existing Gen0 heroes.

How do I summon a new Hero?

If you have two heroes, you can go to the Portal and summon another one. You will need some JEWEL and at least 20 Gaia's Tears.
If you only have one hero, you can rent one from another player at the Portal to assist in the summoning process.

Where can I get Gaia's Tears to summon Heroes?

Gaia's Tears are available as loot drops from Professions Quests. Fishing, Foraging, Gardening, and Mining all have a chance to drop Gaia's Tears.
Additionally, Gaia's Tears can be earned in the Wishing Well mini-quests, which can be accessed near the castle on the overworld map screen or within the Meditation Circle zone. As long as you have at least one hero, you can send them on a Wishing Well quest, which will deplete their stamina and gift you with a possibility to receive some of Gaia's Tears. There is a chance to receive no tears per quest.
Some players have added their Gaia's Tears (DFKTEARS) to a JEWEL-DFKTEARS liquidity pool in the Marketplace.

I didn't receive a new Hero from summoning!

Once you infuse a crystal with the essence of two heroes, it must be brought to the summoning portal to bring the hero forth from the Inner Grove.
If you do not see the Infused Crystal after the summoning transaction successfully goes through, please try to refresh the page and open MetaMask for a few seconds (preferably on the Asset overview). You may have to try several times, but this should allow you to see the Infused Crystal.


What are the different Hero rarities and what do they do?

Summoned heroes may be of the following rarities, indicated by the color of the card border:
  • Mythic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Orange)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Common (Grey)
Higher rarity heroes are summoned with increased stat values. Heroes that are Rare or above also receive additional stat increases every 5 levels. Read more about hero stat values.

How do I know if my Hero is good?

We think that every hero is valuable to someone! But different heroes' classes and stat combinations may lend themselves to certain activities, whether particular quests, professions, or PVP. Look to see if your hero's boosted stats (in green, blue, or purple) align with their chosen profession (in green) or their class/subclass's associated stats (Google Docs link).
Certain classes, professions, rarities, and visual attributes may also be more desirable to players depending on their playstyle.

What are the Green/Blue/Purple stats on my Hero?

Each hero's genes give it a boost to two stats, and make it naturally inclined toward one profession. Stat boosts are shown in green and blue on the back of the Hero card. If the two stat boosts are both for the same stat, it will be shown in purple.
There are two kinds of stat boosts, and every hero has one of each:
  • A one-time +2 bonus to that stat number (green)
  • An ongoing +2% bonus to the hero's Primary Growth Stat Value and +4% bonus to their Secondary Growth Stat Value (blue). These values increase the likelihood that stat will increase when the hero levels up.
Heroes will receive a nice bonus when doing profession quests that match their profession gene (green).

How do Professions work?

Four different professions are available to heroes: Gardening, Mining, Fishing, and Foraging. Each profession has a profession skill associated with it which has a chance to increase each time a hero does an associated profession quest. As those skills increase, so too will the hero’s ability to earn rewards from that profession. In addition, each of these professions has a gene associated with it (in green on your hero card). Heroes receive additional benefits when doing profession quests that match their profession gene.
Engaging in a profession quest uses your hero's Stamina. Mining and Gardening drain stamina at a fixed rate every 10 minutes, as indicated in the quest menu, allowing the hero to work these quests over longer periods of time until they run out of stamina or until you stop them. Foraging and Fishing quests are shorter, consuming a larger amount of mana over a minimal duration, as shown in the quest menu. Fishing and foraging quests allow you to queue multiple quest attempts in one transaction, up to the maximum amount allowed by your hero's stamina. Heroes recover stamina at a rate of 1 every 20 minutes. Note: Heroes cannot recover stamina while engaged in a quest.


What are Kingdoms/Land plots?

Kingdoms, or land plots, are an additional kind of NFT that is limited in quantity and highly collectable. As the world map is revealed, players will be able to acquire plots of land where buildings can be constructed, and transactions and quests can take place. Land owners will receive a portion of the revenue generated on their plots!

How do I purchase land or participate in the land airdrop?

25 Kingdom Plots were given on 1/26/22 to random winners from people who had at least 5,000 xJEWEL tokens in their wallet by Nov 13, 2021 (For each additional 5000 xJEWEL a player had in their wallet, they received 2 extra entries in the drawing of random winners.)
25 more Kingdom Plots were given on 1/26/22 to random winners from people who had at least 1,000 xJEWEL tokens in their wallet balance by Nov 13, 2021. Additional snapshots were taken every 8 to 12 hours for 4 weeks, ending on Dec 11, 2021. Total number of entries were determined by average amount of xJEWEL across all snapshots for all holders who qualified during the initial snapshot. (For each additional 1,000 xJEWEL a player had in their wallet, they received 2 extra entries.)
Land plots will be available for acquisition in the future. The most reliable way to prepare for land acquisition is to make your Heroes as powerful as possible, but the mechanics for acquiring any specific plot may vary.


Is DeFi Kingdoms being audited?

Yes, an audit by Solidity.Finance has already been completed. The team is committed to ensuring the safety and stability of the project, and additional audits are in the works.

Is the team doxxed?

The team is not currently doxxed for personal reasons, though many of them would like to do so in the future. They encourage you to view their track record of development and commitment to the project, examine the smart contract audit, attend the weekly team AMAs (Mondays at 18:00 UTC) on our Discord server, and, of course, to DYOR.