Defi Kingdoms
Meet the Team


Frisky Fox

Solidity and React Developer God
Frisky Fox has been writing and architecting the many smart contracts that will live on the blockchain and run the game. He has also spearheaded the interface, and the analytics and API servers that will support the game and dex. Defi Kingdoms started as his brain-child and he was the driving force behind the game mechanics discussions.

Professor Tango

Dev Project Manager Extraordinaire
Tango has taken it upon himself to help keep the devs organized and on task. Watch out because he knows how to do everything and anything. His ability to produce gifs of any image is astounding.

Jericho Splendershoes

Technical Writer and React Developer Super Saiyan
Jericho has been working hard on the white paper and other documents, as well as helping to brainstorm the Game Mechanics and Tokenomics. He has been programming most of the front-end portion of the game!

Admiral Omicron

React Developer Ser
Admiral Omicron has been working on the game and dex interface in React. He has hit the ground running and will continue to be key in the game development of future phases.


Game Developer Wizard
Tadakichi has 10+ years experience in making games using Unity. He's stepped in to learn some React and help make the game come alive.

Hubert Cumberdale

Game Mechanics Specialist
Hubert has graced the team with his talent to write up all the game mechanics to make sure everything will run smoothly. His knack for making sure everything fits into the lore while functioning flawlessy for the game takes our breath away.


Sinstar Necro

Lead Design Team Necromancer
Sinstar Necro has been working crazy hours to produce production quality pixel art for the heroes and kingdoms, as well as helping to brainstorm the game mechanics and manage the project and team. He is also writing the lore of the game.

Raspberry Swirl

Graphic Designer and Front-End Dev Tinkerer
Raspberry Swirl works between the design team and the devs to make sure everything is looking mighty fine. She excels in HTML/CSS and has some game development experience. She ships HTML/CSS.

Pie Face

UI/UX Design Master
Pie Face is focusing on designing the UI/UX of the game to make sure things flow and are easy to use.


Music Composer for the Kingdom
Pogo is our humble music composer. He brings rainbows and sunshine into his composition and spreads it across the kingdom. Pogo has 10+ years experience in composing and has created music for multiple games.


Spicy Maplecat

Lead Marketing Guru
Spicy Maplecat has been running the twitter account and managing and creating the various marketing campaigns now and yet to come. She manages the PR team and keeps it running smoothly! She's also got some graphic design skills up her sleeves.

Aila Spiritbox

Community Manager Goddess
Aila Spiritbox manages the discord community and other social media, and she is the first line of support to make sure that the community has everything they need.
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